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TCP/IP Tutorials

Page 3: Check if TCP/IP Installed on Computer

Now you are visiting our website, your computer must install TCP/IP software already. Moreover, any servers serving internet service (e.g. web pages, email, FTP, etc.) must also installed TCP/IP software.

In fact almost all operating system (Windows, Unix, Linux, BSD, etc.) will come with the TCP/IP software. Therefore, the TCP/IP software will be in your computer after installation of the operating system.

How to Check if My Computer Installed TCP/IP or Not?

Let’s take our old computer (Windows 98) as an example. We rarely change computer because we am very poor. We were still using Intel 586 133 MHz (year 2007).

1. Select Setting from the Start Menu. Then select Control Panel.

install TCP-IP

2. Once in the Control Panel, double click the Network icon to open the Properties dialogue.

check tcp-ip

3. Check if the TCP/IP can be found inside the Network window. If yes, it means that TCP/IP software already installed in your computer when installed the Windows operating system.

check if tcp-ip installed on my computer

In early version of Windows 3.1, the TCP/IP need to install separately. By that time not too many computers connected to the Internet. In fact some people earned a lot of money by installing TCP/IP for their customers.

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