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TCP/IP Tutorials

Page 1: Basic Concept of TCP/IP

TCP/IP stands for Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol. The pronunciation of TCP/IP is “TCP IP” and not "TCP slash IP".

TCP/IP is a common language on the Internet so that computers with different operating system (Windows, Unix, Linux, BSD, etc..) can communicate with each others.

Similar Scenario to TCP/IP

If two people come from two countries, one from Arabic (Windows operating system) and one from Japan (Linux operating system). They only know their own language. How can they communicate with each other? The situation is same as the picture below:

what is TCP-IP

However, if English (TCP/IP) is the common language in the world. Then all people (computers) learn English (install TCP/IP) can use English (TCP/IP) to communicate with each others.The situation is now like the diagram below:

TCP IP concept

Therefore TCP/IP is the core structure of the Internet! Tomorrow we will see how TCP/IP works.

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