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How to Set Up Linux Apache Server

Page 15: Port Forwarding on Router to Web Server

This is just a basic Internet concept. When two computers use TCP/IP to communicate with each other, they have to specify the destination by using:

  1. An IP Address, and
  2. A Port Number

The following are just some commonly used port:

Service Port Description
FTP 21 File Transfer Protocol
SMTP 25 Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
HTTP 80 Hypertext Transfer Protocol
POP3 110 Post Office Protocol 3
IMAP 143 Internet Message Access Protocol

In order that your router know where to send the request when receive HTTP from other computers, you must set the port forwarding service on the router as shown in the following diagram.

router port forwarding

Up to now, all settings on networking are finished. It's time to check the Apache Webserver.

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