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How to Set Up Linux Apache Server

Page 1: Introduction Setting Up a Linux Box

Since a lot of members have been requesting this topic. Finally, here's it is. This tutorial may not cover everything but at least able to run your own webserver. This tutorial will be revised and more related contents will be added.

Before starting this tutorial, we assume that:

  • You have set up a LAN with some computers
  • All computers are connected with Internet behind a single DSL / Cable Modem. This is the most common case as most members have some computers sharing only a broadband line.
  • You need to use one of the computer as a Webserver. Linux 7.0 and Apache Server have already installed in this computer. Why use Linux? Because, the hardware requirement of Linux is very low, so that you can us your old computer (386, 486 or 586) as a Webserver. Moreover, Linux is much much stable than Windows. Please forget Windows if you don't want to re-boot your webservers everyday.
  • You are using Linksys router. Since Linksys routers are cheap and reliable
  • You know a little command of Linux

Since some basic knowledge of networking is required before start setting up a Webserver. We will review some of the following terms before we actually rolled into the Webserver:

  • TCP/IP Basic Concept
  • IP Address
  • Sub-network and Netmask
  • Broadcast Address
  • Gateway Address
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