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IP Address Tutorial

Page 4: An IP Address Usage Example

We learned some basic concept of IP Address previously:

  • IP Address consists of Network Address (Net) and Host.
  • IP Address classify into different category (Class) according to the size of corporation, organization and companies, etc…

In order to have a better understanding, Let’s conclude IP Address with an example:


You are in charge of IT department of a medium sized company. The computer network of this company is not too big. There are now 150 computers connecting with the local network of the company. There will be 200 computers connected with the company local network in the final planning.

Now. Your company plans to connect the company local network with the Internet. How can you do that?

Here's the procedures:

Send an application to NIC.

According to the information of your application, NIC will provide the Class of network to your company. Of course the most important information is the size of network of your company.

Since your company has 150 – 200 computer connected with the Internet, we learned from previous tutorial that each Class C network can have 256 hosts. Therefore you should estimate that NIC will provide your company a Class C IP Address.

Suppose NIC has provided a Class C IP Address to your company:
  • We learned from previous tutorial that the Network Address of your company is 212.69.204
  • Hosts can be ranged from 0 to 255

Once your company get a Class C IP Address, the network of your company can have 256 hosts. You can arrange something like the following:

  • 1st computer IP Address :
  • 2nd computer IP Address :
  • 3rd computer IP Address :
  • 4th computer IP Address :
  • 5th computer IP Address :
  • —————————————————-
  • —————————————————-
  • —————————————————-
  • 148th computer IP Address :
  • 149th computer IP Address :
  • 150th computer IP Address :

IP Address : – (reserve for future development)

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