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IP Address Tutorial

Page 1: Basic Concept of IP Address (What is IP Address?)

All computers connect with the Internet has an unique number so that they can communicated with each others. This unique number is called IP Address. Actually IP Addresses are quite similar with our telephone numbers. Every telephone has an unique number so that all telephones can dial up with each others.

Every computer (node) connect with the Internet has a unique Internet Address. This unique Internet Address is usually called IP Address.

Whenever your computer connect with the Internet, an unique IP Address will be assigned to your computer.

When every computer on the Internet has it's own IP Address, they can communicate with each other, for example, send and receive emails, upload files, download files, etc…

Therefore when your website is hosting in a web hosting server. Let’s say, the IP address of the web server is Then all computers connected with the Internet are rely on the IP Address of the web server to visit your website.

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