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How Web Pages Retrieve from Web Server

Page 5 : Establishing Connection with Destination Host

The Router now find the address of destination host. It's time to select the best, the least busy and most efficient cyber highways for the packets.

After select the route, the Router send the packets at once.

Sending Packets From Router to Router

Actually, the packets are sent from Router to Router on the internet along it's way to destination. Each Router along the way will also decides where next to send the packets, also choosing the least busy and most efficient ways.

The packets may travel through the local and regional networks from their home country, then probably reach the Internet Highways - "Backbone" where the packets travel with full speed. Finally, the packets may travel to another local and regional networks in other country and reach the destination host (

Establishing A Connection

While the request contacted the destination host, the request (sender) ask for a connection with the host (receiver) so that transfer of data can be authorized and initiated. This process is called "synchronization".

Synchronization can verify that the transfer of data is authorized, and acknowledge that both sides are ready. After all synchronization has occurred, a connection is said to be established, and the transfer of webpage begins.

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