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How Web Pages Retrieve from Web Server

Page 4 : URL Packet Handling

Before the request start the long journey, it need to do some procedures to ensure that it can contact the destination host, and the destination host will send back the webpage correctly. Don't worry, the software in your PC will do it for you.

Request Handling

The request, including the URL, is converted to data and changed to packet that can traverse over the Internet.

In summary, the information of URL is included in the packet. Remember your URL :

  • http - a hypertext directory or document (such as a web page) It also indicate that the browser and Web Server will communicate using HyperText Transfer Protocol
  • www - indicate a resource on the World Wide Web
  • - domain name, this is where the Web Server host the site
  • ourdate.html - file required inside the site

See, the requested packet include all the information required. Now the packet can start the long journey.

Request Packet Transmission

Firstly, the request packet is transmitted by your computer's modem over standard analog telephone lines to your ISP web server. Then the packet was switching to the closest Router on the Internet.

Once in the Router, the packet find it's first difficulty - Woh, the world is so big, what way should I go ? While the packet wondering, the Router talk to her "Don't worry, boy, I have a table that record down most of the addresses of my friends (other Routers)." The packet is very happy and check with the table the destination address.

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