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How Web Pages Retrieve from Web Server

Page 2 : TCP/IP and Send Request To Destination Host

Let's discuss briefly what is TCP/IP and how to send request to the destination host.


Each computer connected to the Internet has software installed called TCP/IP.

TCP/IP is a common language on the Internet so that all computers can communicate with each other even though they are using different operating system.

Take, English Language, as an example. There are ten peoples from different countries, say, China, Amercian, Africa, Japan, Korea, Thailand, India, etc. Since both of them can speed English, they can communicate with each other. We can say in this case, English Language is their "TCP/IP"!

We will "catch" a webpage on Internet to our computer and see how it's works.

Enter The Address Of Webpage

Now you have opened your browser software (Netscape, Internet Explorer, etc.) in your computer. To access a webpage or website, the first thing you do is to type the address of the webpage in the Location Box of your browser. The address is called URL (Uniform Resource Locator).

The URL you enter may be as follow :

Send The Request To Destination Host

After you entered the URL, you press the Enter button. From here your request start a long journey, may be a thousand miles away, across different countries, across the ocean, and finally reached the destination host ( which stored the webpage (ourdate.html).

And from the destination host, the requested webpage (ourdate.html) will also travel a long distance back to your computer and display the document on your screen.

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