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How Email Works

Page 5 : Sending Email to Destination Mail Server

The server now locate the destination for the email. It's time to select the best, the least busy and most efficient cyber highways for the email packets. After select the best route, the server send the email packets at once.

Sending Email Packets Along the Way

Actually, the email packets are sent from computer to computer on the internet along it's way to destination. Each computer along the way will also decides where next to send the packets, also choosing the least busy and most efficient ways. The packets may travel through the local and regional networks from their home country, then probably reach the Internet Highways - "Backbone" where the packets travel with full speed. Finally, the packets may travel to another local and regional networks in other country and reach the destination (the mail server of the recipient ISP).

Email Packets Arrive Mail Server. Yeah, Here's We Are

Since, the packets may not all take the same route, some packets may arrive a little bit earlier than the others. While the packets arrive the mail server on destination, the mail server will examine the packets. If there are any packets missing or damaged, a message is sent asking for those packets to be resent. If everything goes right, the email message will held in an electronic mailbox.

Your Friend Get the Email Message

Now the message is resting on the mail server, awaiting your friend to get it. When your friend log on the mail server, the message was retrieved from the mail server to his(her) computer where the packets are reassembled into their original form and display on your friend's monitor.

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