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How Email Works

Page 2 : TCP/IP and Prepare an Email

You are now connecting to the Internet. It's time to start wrtiting an email and send it to one of your friend.


Each computer connected to the Internet has software installed called TCP/IP. TCP/IP is a common language on the Internet so that all computers can communicate with each other even though they are using different operating system.

Take, English Language, as an example. There are ten peoples from different countries, say, China, Amercian, Africa, Japan, Korea, Thailand, India, etc. Since both of them can speed English, they can communicate with each other. We can say in this case, English Language is their "TCP/IP"! We will send a email to show how data transfer over the Internet.

Prepare an Email

You are using one of the software, for example, Outlook Express, Locus Notes, etc., to write an email to one of your friend in some part of the world.

Send Your Email From Your Computer

After you finished the email, you click on the send button. From here, your email start a long journey, may be a thousand miles away, across different countries, across the ocean, and finally reached the destination.

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