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How DNS Zone File Works

Page 2: Domain Name Registration Process Revision

Let’s go through briefly again the whole process of domain name registration.

  1. Assume you register a new domain name through a domain reseller.
  2. The domain reseller will login his Registrar website to register the new domain.

    The information require to register a new domain:
    * Domain Name
    * Domain owner, for example, name, address, etc…
    * Information of two name servers (Primary and secondary nameservers)

    At least two nameservers are required for each domain name.

    - One is Primary Name Server (Example :
    - The other is Secondary Name Server (Example :

  3. The domain reseller register the new domain through the system of Registrar. Actually The Registrar system is also connecting with the network of interNIC.
  4. While the domain is registered, the system of interNIC will add the record of the new domain into the domain database (whois). Once the information of the new domain has been added into the whois database, nobody can register the same domain.
  5. Then, interNIC will also add the nameservers information of the new domain into the database of a root nameserver.
  6. Then the information of the new domain will be passed from one root nameserver to other root nameservers. This process is called Propagation.
  7. Once the information of a new domain has been added to the databases of root nameservers, the new domain becomes live (Activate) on the Internet.

The whole process of new domain registration can be illustrated in the diagram below:

domain registration process

We already reviewed the procedures of domain name registration. We will also review how Domain Name System (DNS) Works in the next chapter of this tutorial series..

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