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How a New Domain is Born or Registered

Introduction to Domain Name

Let's have some Internet backgrounds before introducing the process of how a new domain is born.

The Internet has millions of domain names, but each domain name must be unique, i.e. no two domains should have the same name. Therefore there must be an independent organization to control this huge list of domain name, guarantees that each domain name must be unique. Network Solutions is the organization that responsible to maintain this huge list of domain name.

Some years ago, Network Solutions was the only organization that can register domain names. In order not to let Network Solutions to monopolize the domain name market, the American government in 1999 decided to allow some organizations ( called registrars) also able to register domain name in 1999. At the beginning of year 2001, the world has about 80 registrars, distributes in the US, Europe, Asia, and so on.... Below is approximately the distributed registrars around the world:

  • Australia - 3 registrars
  • Canada - 4 registrars
  • China - 3 registrars
  • Europe (France , Germany, Italy, etc...) - 20 registrars
  • Japan - 3 registrars
  • Korea - 4 registrars
  • USA - 40 registrars

However Hong Kong do not has any registrar. Therefore Hong Kong residence must be registerd domain names from registrars in China or other countries. You may consider to register domain names from China registrars. Here's the information of China registrars :

  1. Eastern Communications Co. Ltd.
  2. pAsia, Inc.

But, in order to guarantee that there is no any duplicate domain name on the Internet, Network Solutions is still responsible to maintain this huge list of domain names. The money you pay to register domain names, mainly pay to registrars and Network Solutions to maintain your domain names.

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