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Search Engine Marketing Strategy

This section is mainly to focus on Search Engine Marketing Strategy, Web Site Marketing Strategy, Web Site Promotion Technique, Search Engine Optimization and anything related to Search Engines.

We try to make our topics simple and easy to understand. Therefore we will use common terms rather than technical terms. We must emphasize that we are not "experts" in Search Engine Optimization. We are just sharing and rearranging some knowledge we got from Search Engine web sites, SEO forums and some other web sites. Actually nobody knows exactly how the Search Engine Algorithm works. Everybody just presumes or guesses what the Search Engine Algoritms may probably be. For an unknown Search Engine Algorithm, we really wonder who can claim to be an "expert" in Search Engine Marketing.

Since nobody knows exactly what the Search Engines Algorithm may be, does it mean that all web site marketing strategies are in vain? The answer is absolutely "No". Since everybody presumes the same working model of Search Engines Algorithm, it will eliminate the errors between actual working model and presumed working model. Therefore the correct Search Engine web site marketing is: to follow what other people are doing but do better than they are.

Search Engine Marketing is a hard job. Don't expect to get results within a few months. It may takes years of hard working to get some visible results. Always visit some good SEO forums and web sites related to search engines to learn more and keep yourself undated on the newest information.

This page discuss Search Engine Marketing Strategy.

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