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Real PageRank Number Vs Toolbar PageRank Number

As we mentioned before that the Google PageRank value calculated by the PageRank formula is a Real PageRank value. This can be ranged between 0.15 to billions. This is different from the Toolbar PageRank value display on Google ToolBar which range between 0 to 10.

Let's recall the Google PageRank Formula again:

Formula of Google PageRank

The average PageRank of all web pages in the WWW is always one. Therefore:

Total PageRank on WWW = Total Number of Pages x 1

If there are 1,000,000,000 web pages on the WWW, the Total PageRank on WWW is 1,000,000,000

This will be very tedious if using the Real PageRank number to represent the PageRank number of pages in the WWW. The situation will be something like the following diagram:

Real PageRank Number  and Toolbar PageRank Number

In order to avoid using a very long number to represent the PageRank of web pages, therefore Google has divided the Total PageRank into 10 ranges or 10 scales. This is called Google Toolbar PageRank number. There are many discussion about how the 10 scales Google Toolbar PageRank rhave been divided. We will try to discuss how the 10 ranges of Toolbar PageRank will be divided in the next page. Please read on.....


The Minimum Real PageRank Number = 0.15

The Maximum Real PageRank Number = 0.15 + 0.85 (Total pages being indexed)

This page explain the differences between Real PageRank Number and Toolbar PageRank Number.

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