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Have a Keyword Rich Domain Name and File Name

Search Engines Optimization is a very hard job. There are so many factors involved in order to get a high ranking in Search Engines. Each factor gets a weight on your ranking. The Ranking Formula may be something like that:

Ranking Score = (Title x weight factor) + (No. of Keyword x weight factor) + (Position of Keyword x weight factor) + (PageRank x weight factor) + (Link Popularity x weight factor) + (Meta Tag x weight factor) + ...................

Nobody knows exactly how the Search Engine Algorithm will be since this is a commercial secret. Most people are working hard to get the highest score for each factor. Most people are putting all effort on PageRank and Link Popularity.....

However many people ignore that the domain name and file name are also factors in Search Engine Ranking Algorithm.

Keyword Rich Domain Name

Actually most domain names today are not related with the contents of web site. Some people ignore that the domain name will also play a part in Search Engine Optimization. The basic concept of Search Engines are that the domain name should reflect the nature of the web site. A domain name "" should expect the web site to be an online shop. And a domain name "" should expect the web site playing online games.

What is a Keyword Rich Domain Name?
What is a keyword rich domain name? For example if your web site is selling something online, i.e. an online shop. You expect people find your web site by typing the keyword "online shop" in the search box of Search Engines. Then a keyword rich domain name will be something like "", "", "", "", etc..... The Search Engines will give your domain name a certain amount of score for the searched keyword "online shop".

Position of KeyWord
In fact the position of the keyword appear in your domain name also affect the score granted by Search Engines. The keyword that appear near the beginning will score higher. For the keyword "online shop", the domain "" will score higher than "". And "" will score higher than "". or
It seems that most Search Engines recognize hyphenated word as seperate words. Therfore "Online-Shop" will be treated as "Online Shop" by Search Engines. In other words, "" will score higher than "" with the keyword "online shop".

Keyword Rich File Name of Web Pages

Basically the rule of naming file name of web pages is same as domain name but is more easily controlled than domain name. A domain name may be taken by somebody while you can use any file name as you like. Many people also ignore the fact that the file name of your web pages will also play a part in Search Engine Optimization.

What is Keyword Rich File Name?
From the Search Engine point of view, the file name of web pages should also reflect the contents of web pages. For example, a web page with the file name "order-flower-online.htm" should expect a web page than can order flower. Therefore this is unwise to give your web page a meaningless file name, for example, page 1.htm, page 2.htm, etc... Remember to give the file name of a web page relevant to the content.

Order-Flower-Online.htm or Order_Flower_Online.htm?
It seems that Search Engines will consider Order_Flower_Online as a single word and reconize "Order-Flower-Online" as "Order Flower Online". Therefore this is better to use hyphenated words for the file name rather than underscored words.


A minor score may make big difference in ranking in Search Engines when consider the competition is in millions.

This topic discuss how a keyword rich domain name and file name can affect the ranking in Search Engines.

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