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Build Up Your Own Mini Link Farm Wisely

Most webmasters are so concern about Search Engines Optimization (SEO) today hoping to get high ranking in major Search Engines. All people know that Search Engines are the most cost effective means to bring a lot of free traffic to your web sites. However the question is how to get a high ranking? High ranking usually means that your web pages can be ranked within the top 50 in major Search Engines.

PageRank and Link Popularity

Since PageRank and Link Popularity play an important factor in the Ranking Algorithm of Google, webmasters today are striving to get a higher PageRank and boost Link Popularity for their web pages. There is no secret of how to getting a high PageRank and Link Popularity of your web pages - get a lot of quality Inbound Links to your web pages from other web sites. Therefore it becomes the question of how to get a lot of Inbound Links to your web pages.

How to Get Inbound Links

There are some methods to get Inbound Links to your web pages from other web sites. There is another topic of how to get Inbound Links to your web site. Here's just the most common two methods:

Buy Text Links:
This is a good way to get Inbound Links.

  • Easy to find a directory with the same theme as your page.
  • This may be quite expensive.
  • The link page has too many Outbound links.
  • The link company may be blacklisted by Google as Link Farm.
Reciprocal Links Program:
This is also know as Link Exchange or Link Swap.

  • Free of charge.
  • Get a lot of links in a short period of time.
  • This is not easy to find link partners with the same theme.
  • The link pages of link partners usually have too many Outbound links.
  • This is not easy to monitor if the links of your link partners still exist. Many link partners will delete the links after some time without informing you.

As you can see that the above two methods are not quite satisfactory to get Quality Inbound Links to your web pages. Therefore some people begin starting another method to get Quality Inbound Links - building a own mini Link Farm.

How to Build Your Own Mini Link Farm?

Imagine that a webmaster sign up a Reseller Hosting Account. Then register many domains (usually more than 20 domains) and host all the web sites on his or her Reseller Hosting Account. You should know how the story goes on. The webmaster prepare a lot of web pages for all domains with cross linking with each others. wishing to have good link popularity and high PageRank for of all web pages.

SEO Glossary:
Cross Linking - Multiple sites all linking to each other

Actually the main purpose of doing this is to boost the link popularity of all your web pages by having a lot of Inbound Links coming from all different domains. You may get a higher Link Popularity at the beginning. However once the Search Engine suspect this, all your web sites may be suffered. Some people mentioned that the penalty will be PageRank 0 for all web pages with Cross Linking.

How to Avoid Being Suspected a Mini Link Farm

Cross linking sometimes is harmless, especially the theme of all web sites are related and content rich. In order to avoid being suspected by Search Engines as a mini Link Farm, the following should try to be avoid:

Avoid Excessive Cross Linking
There is no any definition for "excessive". However this is highly recommend to maintain within 10 or less for a domain. Actually this should be alright if the Cross Link only appear on the Home Page only. Try to avoid the Cross Links appear on each page.

Avoid Host Domains on Same Class C IP Address
This is believe that Search Engines judge Cross Linking by looking into the location of the domains. If all the domains suspecting Cross Linking are hosted in the same server or servers phsically close, this is probably Cross Linking.

Class C IP Address - The first three numbers (Net) are the same.

e.g. the following two addresses are same Class C IP address


Any attempt to fool Search Engines may result in penalty!

This page discuss how to build up your own mini link farm.

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